Cast from a durable mixture of acrylic and gypsum, the UU Side table 02 is a sculptural table that is a fit for any setting; next to the bed or sofa, in a hallway or an office. The side table 01 is available in three colors and is slightly larger then the UU Side table 01. Each table is unique as all objects are handmade by the designers. The table is composed out of three casted elements, which are held together by their own weight without any fixings or glue.

︎Dimensions 69 x 25 x 25
︎Suitable for inside use only
︎All surfaces are polished giving the object its soft feel
︎All surfaces are oiled to create a protective layer
︎Available in three colors
︎Use a wet cloth to clean surface

Each object is hand crafted in Brussels by the designers and goes through a careful production process. It takes time to make our products and all objects will be made to order. Contact us for enquiries and purchases.

Price on request.